vb3 + odbc + SQL 6.5 = ODBC Timeout

vb3 + odbc + SQL 6.5 = ODBC Timeout

Post by C:WINSOCKKA9QSPOOLMAI » Sun, 26 May 1996 04:00:00

we are in the process of upgrading our SQL Server app 4.21a to 6.5. It
is vb3 connecting via Jet and ODBC to SQL on named pipes. IF we use the
latest version of ODBC and the SQL Server ODBC dll's as shipped with
6.5 we get ODBC Timeout error as soon as the app tries to call a stored
procedure. Traced using SQLTrace and ODBC client trace and there is
nothing obvious.

However, when we use the existing 4.21a dll's everthing works fine.

Going to compile the visdata sample app and test that so Microsoft
can't blame the application.

any ideas ?


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