why does NT slows down performance

why does NT slows down performance

Post by David Bafr » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00


 I'm running under NT 4.0 SP3, Intel Pentium II 233 mHz with 64 MB RAM. The
system is much slower than when I was using Windows98. If I switch back to
Win98, besides winnt32 APIs, will I have any limitations using Visual studio
6.0 with SQL Server 6.5 ?? Will I be able to use SQL Server on the system
even if it's not connected to a network ??

              Thanx in advance


1. Why SELECT slowed down?

I have a mystery I hope you can shed some light (SQL Server 2000.

2 days ago I ran the following query

SELECT Subject, [From], [Date], Article
FROM dbo.Topics
WHERE contains (Message, 'dropdown*') AND len(Thread) = 8

which I put into a Stored Procedure, it returned 2,173 rows from 45,000
in 1 - 2 seconds. I have Full Text Search. That was great.

Now, I run the same and it takes 20 seconds. Hmmm ?

The only changes to the dbo.Topics is I have increased a column width on
an unrelated column. I have since re-populated the FTS.

Any ideas, reasons why please?

Rohan Vaz

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