Importing data from .dat extension file to SQL Server

Importing data from .dat extension file to SQL Server

Post by Tibor Karasz » Sat, 25 Nov 2000 04:00:00


You probably have to go and ask the person who created the file what program created
the file. Perhaps BCP in native mode?

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I was wondering if any of you out there has tried importing data from .dat
extension file type to SQL Server database.  I understand that DTS wizard allows
importing data from different database sources as well as importing text file
into SQL Server db but somehow it doesn't recoginze the .dat extension file
format as it does not contain delimiter I suppose.

Was wondering if any of you has any ideas in going about to solve this problem.
I've included the file together with this posting.

Any suggestion will be appeciated. Thanks in advance.



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September 15


I've been presented with the data files from two different custom-written
DOS programs. Both of 'em were written before 1990. I don't know what kind
of data files these are - they have the file extension .dat. I don't see a
list of field names at the beginning of the files. They appear to be
straight data. I can read the alpha fields but it _appears_ that the date
and number fields are in binary.

Does anyone know of a utility that will identify the file format of a data
file? If I just knew what the format was, it would be a terrific help!

Very truly yours,
Rex B. Hamilton

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