deleting resource and add new resource

deleting resource and add new resource

Post by kris » Mon, 29 Oct 2001 05:12:17


  I am going to copy the whole data from the SAN and
reformating the drives. we have sqlserver2000
active/passive cluster ,windows 2000 advance server.

My question is, how to remove the existing drives from the
cluster resources and and new drive letters to the
resources? the drives are already used by sqlcluster ie
individual partitions for master, tempdb, data and log.

I want to add the new drives to the sqlcluster also. Can
any body clarify how to do this? or any URL?


deleting resource and add new resource

Post by Microsoft Developer Suppo » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 02:12:55

With SQL Server 2000 clustering you are either installed or not, given that
basis and the fact that when you uninstall the virtual server it will
delete your existing default databases such as master and model I would
recommend that you:

1. Copy all your data directories to a safe location for re-use
2. Uninstall the SQL Server virtual server
3. Modify the SAN configuration, this may or may not require unclustering.
Contact your SAN support resource for details. During this process make
sure the same drive letters are allocated for the drives to be used by SQL.
4. When SQL Server is reinstalled use the same name(s) and IP Addresses for
the install
5. Take the SQL Server offline and then rename the new installations "data"
folder and replace it with your "data" directory saved in step #1
6. Bring SQL Server back online and you should be at the same point you
were when you started.

Dave Whitney
Microsoft SQL Server Support

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