Efficient paging in an message board system

Efficient paging in an message board system

Post by Ian » Wed, 09 Apr 2003 20:19:05

Looking for a good article on paging in a HTML message board system using
SQL Server 2000.

I'm aware that there are a lot of articles out there about paging large
recordsets, but none that I've seen look to be particular good. The main
requirement is to be able to efficiently go to an arbitrary page number,
this requirement is an often overlooked area.

I'm looking for a solution that makes little or no use of temporary tables,
and instead relies on changes to the database schema with increased changes
during updates.



1. Displaying Page Views for Messages in Discussion Board

Hi all
This message might be slightly off topic, but I wasn't sure where else to post

Does anybody know how to display the number of page views for a particular
thread/message in a discussion board?  I know how to use the Microsoft
PageCounter COM object as well as Application/Session variables, however, I want
to display page hits not for some static page, but for a message-viewing page
that dynamically displays depending on the message ID/topic/thread chosen.  What
I want to do is display a list of popular discussion board messages with the
number of times they've been each viewed beside them.  Would I have to have use
SQL Server's built-in counters for this, or can I simply use ASP/ADO?  I know to
use SQL Server's built-in counters, I'd have to use triggers in conjunction with
stored procedures.  However, triggers only work w/ inserts, deletes and updates.  
When a site visitor views a message, only the SQL select statement executes, so a
trigger wouldn't help me here.

Thanks in advance.

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