How To Cancel Long Running Query ?

How To Cancel Long Running Query ?

Post by Tom Jastrzebsk » Fri, 14 Feb 2003 22:19:12

Hi everybody!
Is there any way I could cancel long running sql query on SQL Server 2000 ?
According to the docs killing a process is not possible wile executing
SELECT statement.
Is there any other tricky or secret way to do it ?

Tom Jastrzebski


1. Canceling a LONG running query?

Hi All,

I have an application that can potentially allow a user run a query that can
take a very long time to return a recordset. I'd like to know how to get my
application to accept a "cancellation" of the running query process. I've
tried setting an optional recordset parameter of "adAsyncExecute" but when
run, I cannot click the cancel button.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

TIA -- Fred

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