Can't insert, delete, or update tables

Can't insert, delete, or update tables

Post by Musefu » Wed, 26 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I am using MS Access 97 as my frontend and ODBC as the piece to
communicate with my recently upsized tables in SQL Server 6.5.
Everything was working great until yesterday when I upgraded the ODBC
drivers.  Now all I can do is see the data(queries), but I receive ODBC
errors every time I try to Insert, Delete, or Update a table.  What
happened?  Please advise.



1. Exposing 'inserted/deleted' tables in Triggers


We have an audit procedure, which is run off the trigger
for most tables.  While the code is the same, we
invariably write (actually cut/copy/paste) it to every
table we want to audit. Instead, I'd like define the
trigger just to execute a SP, which simplifies the
management.  To do this I require the contents of inserted
& deleted tables to exposed outside the scope of trigger.  

I would appreciate if you can provide some pointers in
accomplishing this

many thanks in advance.


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