Function/Stored Proc

Function/Stored Proc

Post by Anith Se » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 02:01:08

I have no idea why you want to do something like this. In any
case you can simply use a CASE expression in your UDF like:

                   WHEN 'au_fname' THEN au_fname
                   WHEN 'phone' THEN phone
                   WHEN 'address' THEN address
  FROM Pubs..authors

- Anith


Function/Stored Proc

Post by Bill Hollinshead [MS » Thu, 28 Nov 2002 05:53:30

Hi John,

It may be best to provide us with the big picture/goal <g>, otherwise, it
is very likely that both Anith and I are sending you "up the creek without
a paddle" <g>. Here's one alternative from

    ShipperID     int,
    ShipperName   nvarchar(80),
    OrderID       int,
    ShippedDate   datetime,
    Freight       money

        SELECT S.ShipperID, S.CompanyName,
               O.OrderID, O.ShippedDate, O.Freight
        FROM Shippers AS S INNER JOIN Orders AS O
              ON S.ShipperID = O.ShipVia



You can use the above example in conjunction with Anith's case statement.
Perhaps consider the use of sql_variant. Here's a modification of the above

    pkey  sql_variant
    , chosen_column sql_variant



Bill Hollinshead
Microsoft, SQL Server

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