Newbie: Can't connect to SQL server - login fails

Newbie: Can't connect to SQL server - login fails

Post by Rich Whit » Sat, 14 Sep 2002 04:40:52

Problem solved. I needed to be part of the admin group for
the machine.
Quote:>-----Original Message-----
>I'm trying to connect to a SQL Server (2000) with
>Enterprise Manager, but I get the following error:

>DIABLO - Login failed for user 'TEX\rwhite'

>The server is set for windows authentication and I don't
>have a problem logging into Diablo (the machine that is
>running the server). Any idea why I get a login failure
>trying to connect to the server, but can log into the
>machine without a problem?

>The server was started by somebody else and I have tried
>to restart it, but I get permission denied errors.




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I launched WEB FORM WIZARD from an Excel workbook and it created the files
..htx and .idc.
I have modified the .idc so it makes the connection, to SQL Server, with
the login and the password took from two cells, then it inserts a record in
a table. It runs OK.
I have created other workbooks with their .idc/.htx files (in the same
way!!!), but only the first runs, those created after, do not connect to
SQL Server.
This Error occours  : [State=28000][Error=4002][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server
Driver][SQL Server] Login failed  
and this is the address that I can see :
Where are the other information after the question mark?

Any suggest?

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