SQL-Server Forms and ASP

SQL-Server Forms and ASP

Post by Stofrege » Sun, 06 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Hi there,

I am quite new to SQL Server 7.0 (or any other version ;-)) and I would
like to know if it is possible to design Forms / Views in SQL-Server 7.0
and then use them in an ASP page.

This way I can create vieuws and use them for both disclosing data on
the web and do some maintenance from an application written in MS Visual


1. How Do I Convert ASP Form TextBox to Sql Server Money Type

I have a SQL server 7 table with the following structure

Name  Type

ExpensesID  Int
ExpensesType  Char
ExpensesVAT  Char
ExpensesCost  Money

As you can see from the above structure I have a field called ExpensesCost
of type Money. My problem is how can I transform a textbox on an Active
Server Pages form into an acceptable format I have tried FormatCurrency and
CINT but they do not appear to work with the money type. The reason being I
need to sum up the expense cost and display it to the user I would also like
to change the Expenses VAT field to money also.

Any Help is greatly appreciated thanks.


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