When the ftp task cann't connect server,I can't continue the step

When the ftp task cann't connect server,I can't continue the step

Post by chris » Mon, 14 Apr 2003 17:52:45


   I get the file from 4 ftp servers programmatically and
if one ftp server is closed I plan to write the ftp name
to a table.

   But when ftp task cann't connect the ftp server,the
process will not stop for ever.So i cann't get the failure
info to continue the next task.

   Who can tell my Why?

   If i should use Execute Process task to do it ,can you
tell me the full steps?I can do the ftp.exe manually,just
cann't programmatically.

    I apprciate any help!!!!!!!
                    Chris Y


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