Flat File Rowset Provider - strange results

Flat File Rowset Provider - strange results

Post by Laura Lamber » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 11:37:48

I have a DTS package [package_A] that consists mainly of an ActiveX script that
does the following:

(1) Get a collection of all text files in an upload directory.  These text files
are identical in structure (tab delimited, CR/LF).
(2) Loop through the collection to import the rows into a table.
(3) The logic in the For Next loop changes the global variable of the package
that it calls [package_b]

Package_A works like a charm.

Package_B is working on about 80% of the files.  The other 20% are giving the
following error:

Step Error Source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services Flat File Rowset
Set Error Description: Incomplete file format information - file cannot be opened.
Set Error Code: 80004005
Set Error Help File: DTSFFile.hlp
Set Error Help Context ID:0

What's strange is this...if I change the global variables for Package_B to be one
of the failed files and run the package by itself (not calling it from Package_A)
I get no error on the files.  The rows import just fine.

Anybody else seen this?  



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the Flat files.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Hayim Salti

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