Search Engine with SQL and ASP

Search Engine with SQL and ASP

Post by Tony Li » Thu, 04 May 2000 04:00:00

From the computer book I read so far, they told me to use Stored Procedure
in stead of SQL execution in ASP.  Since I am building an internet search
engine, and I am not using stored procedure to perform searching, for
example, I use the operator "LIKE" to filter record.  My question is , how
"ineffective" would it be if I use SQL execution in ASP rather then stored

1. Search Engine Ranking in ASP


I really don't know how to do that...

I have a search engine in asp connected to a Access 2000 database.

I have a text box where the user write his query.
I need to count how many time a word is found inside a recordset and ranking the result

The user type in the text box:
So the query found 20 recordsets.
In each recordset, I need to find how many time he has found the word test to rank it.

Any idea or suggestion!


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