Selecting the last record for each customer

Selecting the last record for each customer

Post by Scott David Daniel » Thu, 17 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Or a more efficient version
(perhaps -- no correlated subquery).

select COR_ID,  CLIENT, DATESent,  Letter
From Table1
Where cor_id IN (select max(cor_id)
                from table1 group by client)

-Scott David Daniels

> here is a simple query that should work for you.
> select COR_ID,  CLIENT, DATESent,  Letter
> From Table1 A
> Where cor_id = (select max(cor_id)
>                          from table1 B
>                          where a.client = b.client)
> -------------------


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Dear All,
  There is a table Customer with
       CustomerID: (Primary Key)

  and a table Transaction which holds all the transactions
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  What is the BEST SQL or Best way to get all the
customer's LAST transaction with customer name,
  The result should be
    CustomerName    LastTransDate
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     Peter           2003/1/1
     Mary            2003/7/1
     Paul            2003/8/1


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