Created login & user, but cannot login

Created login & user, but cannot login

Post by Jim Elde » Wed, 22 Dec 1999 04:00:00

1.  sa created an NT Global user group, called OUR_DOMAIN\XYZUsers, and
made Tom and Beth to this group.

2.  sa, in EM, created a new Login called OUR_DOMAIN\XYZUsers, and
granted permissions to the Sales db, in all roles, on the Database
Access tab.

3.  sa then added user OUR_DOMAIN\XYZUsers to the Sales db, and granted
ALL on all tables.

Members of OUR_DOMAIN\XYZUsers still can not login.  What could be
missing here?



1. SYSDBA & SYSOPER user - cannot login


    I have installed Oracle 8 in a Linux machine. Everything went successful
and I can work with the database.
    The only problem is that I cannot connect as SYSDBA or SYSOPER. There
are just two predefined users in the installation (sys and system), but with
none of both I can login as SYSDBA & SYSOPER. What can I do? Why is this
happening? I guess I made something wrong during the installation process.

    Thanks a lot,

Tony Pich

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