Need help on Invalid Argument

Need help on Invalid Argument

Post by G La » Sun, 13 Oct 2002 13:56:24

I used to use ODBC to get data from tables in a Btrive engine database to
Access2K. It worked fine until yesterday. I used Get External Data->Import
get data. Yesterday, in the middle of getting data, a message "Invalid
Argument" popped up and the process stopped. I tried again and again, only
to see the same message. Worst of all, I now could not get to any table in
that database. Every time I tried, this error message would pop up
Any suggestion?

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I am trying to read data from a database table on CD.  I am opening another
database on my hard drive, and then trying to 'attach' the table on CD to
the database on my hard drive.  I get an invalid argument message using the
code below.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim cdbName As String, dBS As String
Dim myStr, lakeStr, netStr, dateStr As String, lakeRS, netRS, dateRS As
Dim origDB As Database
Dim NewTdf As TableDef  'table def for attached table

cdbName = "E:\DATA\READ_CD\FISHDATA.MDB"    'This is the path for the data
on CD
myStr = App.Path & "\FishData.MDB"     'define database path for data on
Set origDB = OpenDatabase(myStr) ''define species code list database

Set NewTdf = origDB.CreateTableDef("cdPrim")
NewTdf.SourceTableName = "Primary"
NewTdf.Connect = ";DATABASE = '" & cdbName & "';"

origDB.TableDefs.Append NewTdf  'append or attach external table to current

End Sub

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