Replication Replication !

Replication Replication !

Post by Kerry C. Eviso » Mon, 08 Feb 1999 04:00:00

Further to other earlier postings ;-
     does any one know how to use merge replication with SQL7 and the Office
     preview pack ?

1. Replication - replication truncation point?

HI, I am using sql2000 to do transactional replication. The book online says
the yet-to-be-distributed transaction's transaction log will not be
truncated in the published db until the transaction log actually all made it
to the distribution db. Can someone explained a bit more about that? Does
this imply there is a second truncation point maintained by  the sql2000
server in additional to the committed transaction truncation point beyond
which the server will not  truncate the transaction log in order to insure
the recovery of the db.

If the secondary truncation point does exist, would that mean when I
dump/load the db to elsewhere where there is no replication, I will have to
somehow tell the server this replication truncation point is now
irrelevant(otherwise I will never be able to truncate the log!). I will also
need a way to tell the presence of such point.

Or can this secondary truncation point be the same as the committed
transaction truncation point? ie, distribution agent and the publisher
collectively manage this single one truncation point. Correct me if I am
wrong but I would image this imply only committed transaction gets to go
into the distribution db and only at the time when they are committed... not

I have not run into any problem relating to this but understanding it is
important for me because I do not want the get into the first situation
without knowing how stuff works..

Any help will be highly appreciated!

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