Upsizing tool and relationships help needed

Upsizing tool and relationships help needed

Post by blain » Thu, 16 May 1996 04:00:00

I upsized an Access database to SQLServer 6.0 using the upsizing tools.  
It was designed in a front-end/back-end fashion, i.e. one .MDB stored
data, one application code, queries, etc.  I followed the information in
the online help concerning "Upsizing Back-End Databases".  My forms are
coming up with sub-forms in which I cannot add new records, I suspect
because the relationship info does not seem to have upsized properly.  
When I link the app .MDB to the non-upsized version of the data,
everything is fine, I can view the relationships, I can add new
sub-records, etc.  When linked to the SQLServer data, I cannot use Tools
Relationships (i.e. nothing shows up), and I cannot add sub-records.  
Some things I noted:

1) When I linked to the upsized tables, it stuck "dbo_" (the username) in
front of each tablename.  The original back-end database did not include
this prefix in the resulting linked tables.  One question: should I have
checked the "Link to tables option in the UPsizing Tool?"

2) The instructions say that after linking the front-end to the upsized
tables, I should Import External Data from the original back-end, namely
an 'aliasing queries'.  There were none to import.

3) I tried upsizing using Triggers one time, DRI the next.  Why do I have
to choose between losing my referential integrity or my cascading updates
and deletes?  Could one of these be related to my lack of relationships
(no comments from the peanut gallery)?  It didn't seem to make any

Thanks for any help,


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