SNMP: monitoring databases information

SNMP: monitoring databases information

Post by Natalia Mirochnic » Fri, 01 Feb 2002 02:25:29

Hello, MSSQL gurus.

System: MSSQL Srv 7.0 SP 3 on Windows NT 4.0 SP 6.

Problem: monitor information about specified databases: size of data, log,
percents of log userd, etc.
Tool: SNMP requests with OIDS specified

I make requests (snmpwalk which use snmpget) for  mssqlSrvInfoTable and
mssqlDbInfoTable objects.
When mssqlSrvInfoTable is specified i get all the table, but when
mssqlDbInfoTable is specified i've no responce.
As i understood, server cannot see if databases're accessible. How can i
resolve this problem?

(SNMP requrests go from FreeBSD to NT)

That's from Microsoft mssql.mib (my problem object)

  mssqlDbInfoTable OBJECT-TYPE
      SYNTAX SEQUENCE OF MssqlDbInfoEntry
      ACCESS not-accessible
      STATUS mandatory
          "This table contains detailed information about SQL Server
           databases.  In order for this table to be populated, the
           database must be accessible (as determined by checking
      ::= { mssqlServerObjects 6 }

With great respect and high hopes,
        Natalia Mirochnick


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