Dump txn log

Dump txn log

Post by Richard Waymir » Thu, 01 May 1997 04:00:00

2 things.

1)  Make sure the "trunc. log on chkpt." option is on for tempdb
2) Make tempdb bigger.
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Quote:> After using a database for a while, I always get a message saying SQL
> Server cannot allocate space for the object "Syslogs" in database tempdb
> because the "logsegment" is full. The message recommends that I "dump the
> transaction log". I've tried to do that with DUMP TRANSACTION dbName WITH
> NO_LOG and again with WITH TRUNCATE_ONLY, but the problem persists. I do
> not need the transaction log because it is only a test database.

> Question: this seems to be a repeated problem. How can I just erase what
> ever is in the log and continue from there?

> _ddg