SQL Server 7 - fixed width column export

SQL Server 7 - fixed width column export

Post by EmotionZer » Wed, 14 Jun 2000 04:00:00

I have tried unsuccessfully to export tables from SQL Server 7.0 using fixed
width columns instead of delimited columns.  The export works fine except on
fields that are NULLs or empty strings.  The export ignores these fields and
does not allocate a fixed column for them.  Does anyone know how to
successfully perform this export?



1. DTS Export: How to have nulls export as blanks on fixed width export

I have tried to export from a table that has some null values, to a
fixed-width text file.  I would like fields that have nulls to output as
all blanks.  (MS Access will do this when I use a Import/Export
specification.)  But these fields do not output as blanks, thus the data
gets shifted.

Any solutions?


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