SQL server license problem with connections

SQL server license problem with connections

Post by Braden Rowle » Fri, 02 Mar 2001 01:36:36

I have been experiencing some problems with an error message which states
that I have exceeded my five licenses and need to upgrade to a full version.
This is the situation:

In my office, we have a 5 - license SQL server to develop a database
application.  We only have 5 users, and therefore, do not get this error
when working locally.  If I try to log into a client's SQL server remotely,
that is when I get this error.  The client has sufficient licenses for 20-30
workstations to access the server.  This leads me to believe that it is
indeed my 5 - license server which is preventing the connection.

Is my server counting all the connections to the remote server when I try to
connect remotely and update tables?  Is there a way around this?  I don't
see why my license should prevent me from connecting to a remote server when
my client has adequate licensing.

If anyone can help with this issue, I would be very grateful.  As it stands
now, I have to convert the updates to text files, transfer the files, then
log on remotely and import the updates.  This process is obviously much more
time consuming than updating directly from my server.

Braden Rowley
Tenet Information Services
Client Support


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