Linking servers

Linking servers

Post by Steve Bajad » Wed, 24 May 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to use the Linked server feature in MSSQL7 to define servers
and link them for querying purposes but I am unable to do so. Receive
message: SQL server not found.  I have set up an ODBC DSN and still
doesn't work.  Tried using login with impersonation. No go. Any ideas??

Steve Bajada


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I am a little new to SQL Server, so bear with me.  I have an MSAccess 97
database on SERVER1 that has a couple tables in it that I need to access as
if they were local tables in an SQL server database on SERVER2.

On SERVER1, I have set up a "inked server" through enterprise manager with
the help of BOL to a the Access database which is on a local harddrive of

On SERVER2, I am able to set up a "linked server" to SERVER1 using the sa
account (or any other account for that matter), and I am able to see the
tables successfully in whatever the default database is for whatever login I
connect to the remote server with.

I tried adding a new login on SERVER1 that would default to the "linked
server" that I set up to the local access database on SERVER1.  However,
there does not seem to be any way to do this, as the option is not available
in the enterprise manager list of databases for this.

Is what I am trying to do even possible the way I am trying to do it?  Is it
possible to have "tiered" linked servers in this manner?  Am I making things
out harder than they have to be?  Please help!

Thank-you in advance for your responses.

- Mark

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