Help NT & SQL newcomer get started with 6.5 eval

Help NT & SQL newcomer get started with 6.5 eval

Post by David Ell » Thu, 23 May 1996 04:00:00

With 6.5 eval running on NT Server 3.51+sp4, choosing Manage Databases
in the Enterprise Manager yields the message: "A connection could not
be established to TWO - [SQL Server] Login failed" SQLExecutive and
MSSQLServer services are running and Server Manager shows a green
light for server TWO under group SQL 6.5. What's a good starting point
to diagnose this?

Any attempt to Modify server TWO, in Register Server using Trusted
Connection, fails with a message: " Unable to Connect to Server
(reason: [SQL Server] Login failed- User:  Reason: Not associated with
a trusted SQL Server connection). Modify anyway?" In Register Server
dialog box, the Servers button yields and empty Select Server list.

Running setup to change Login Security Mode from Standard to Mixed has
no effect on the problem. (Grasping at straws...)

Email appreciated. -- David


1. Help getting SQL Server 6.5 eval installed

I am trying to install the SQL Server 6.5 Evaluation on my NT Server 4.0

The setup process will lock-up before finishing.  On re-booting it found
the the SQLExecutive service will not start due to an error 109.

 I have tried re-installing as administrator, as a new SQL user (with
appropriate permissions per MSKB article), and as a system account and
have had no luck.

I deleted the MSSQL dir, the hklm\software\microsoft\mssqlserver,
hklm\ccs\services\mssqlserver, and hklm\ccs\services\mssqlserver
registry entries before each re-install attempt but I still have the
same problem.  

(Note: I can not delete the files adme.dll, dtctrace.dll, dtcutil.dll,
svcsrvl.dll in the mssql\binn directory as they are reported to be in

I also tried the "setup /t Debug = On parameter.  Setup gives me several
errors about not being able to connect to the SQLserver (but yet task
manager shows that it is running) and errors about a null process

I am ready to take the gas-pipe over this one.  What am I missing here?
Any help or info would really be appreciated.

Thank you,

John Hutchey

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