Regarding insertion

Regarding insertion

Post by Prachi jai » Fri, 01 Nov 2002 18:25:48

Hii All,

I am trying to insert the answers, i m getting from a
questionnaire. My table design is to put the questions in
row and corresponding answers in adjacent row. But, i m
not able to think, how can i insert the values then. While
putting the questions in coloumns it was ok.

If suppose i have four columns named, questions, answer,
user, company. Questions are hardcoded in the questions
coloumn (something around 40 questions.) How can i insert
the appropriate answer for each question.

By doing something like this

Insert into ques_table (Answer,  User, Company) values
(ans, user, company)

I need to loop on the values. I am not able to think how??
Could you please give a hand??
I am working with my web application.

Thanks and regards,
Please reply.


1. Question regarding SQL, insertions

    At the moment I am in the process of completing a task which involves
the transfer of data from Informix ( ancient version ), to SQL Server 7.
This works fine mainly, with one minor issue.

The select criteria I use on the informix size purposely orders the records
produced from my SQL, which is fine.
When I run them through a DTS package some of the records are ordered and
some aren't. There is no discernable difference between the rows ordered and
those not.

for example. I have two columns ( out of 16 ), which I build a key on.
bugno, rowcnt. These are in the table for data imported into by my DTS
Package. However as already mentioned they are out of sequence, i.e. I wouls
expexte the following:

Bugno        rowcnt
12                1
12                2
12                3
12                4
13                1
13                2
etc                etc

However I get

Bugno        rowcnt
12                1
12                2
13                1
12                4
13                1
12                3
etc                etc

I have tried creating a dummy table and inserting all records from a select
which is ordered but to no avail. The select itself work to display the
records no proble.

insert into file_out1
select * from file_out order by bugno, rowcnt

I know this is a long shot, but has anyone seen behaviour like this,
admittedly weird and with a strong potential to being my own fault.



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