DTS Task Kit 1 OLAP Services Processing Task error

DTS Task Kit 1 OLAP Services Processing Task error

Post by davidg.. » Wed, 15 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have installed DTS Task Kit 1 in order to use the OLAP Services
Processing Task.  The OLAP Services Processing Task icon is displayed
in the DTS Design taskbar.  But when I try to drag the OLAP Task onto
the DTS workspace, I get the following error messages:

Package Error
OLAP Services Processing Task
Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Services must be installed on this computer
and the user must be an OLAP Administrator in order to create an OLAP
processing task.

HResult of 0x80004ffff (-2147155969) returned.  Unexpected error
occurred.  An error result was returned without an error message.

OLAP Services is definitely running on the server and is running under
an account that is also part of the local OLAP Administrators group.
In Enterprise Manager, I have connected to the SQL Server using a
trusted connection with the same NT account as OLAP Services is running
under.  SQL Server Agent and SQL Server are also running under the same
account that is a member of the local OLAP Administrators group.

I have tried getting this to work on two servers, with the same results
on each.  I can process the cubes manually via OLAP Manager, but would
simply like to automate the processing.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to solve this problem?  Thanks.


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