Embedding a Word document in a SQL Server 7 table column

Embedding a Word document in a SQL Server 7 table column

Post by Iain » Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone embedded a Word document in a SQL Server 7 table column ? I know
the column type should be 'image', but I can't really find anything useful
in SQL Server Books Online on how to insert the document and then retreive
it in an easy way - it indicates using READTEXT and WRITETEXT, but surely
there must be an easier way ?

Thanks in advance.


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My problem is :

I have an Access 2000 DB.
A table contains a field of type "OLE Data".
This field contains Microsoft Word's embedded documents.
What I want is to generate word documents for each of the record
programatically in VB. But not succeeded yet.
I also need to do it from SQL Server DB, as I have upsized my Access DB to
SQL Server and it is exported in an Image type of field. How can I generate
document files from this Access or SQL Server DB.

I tried to achieve it in 2 ways; first I tried:
Created a form, inserted a data control and an OLE control, bound it with
the required field.
When I run the VB program, it successfully opens the docudments from DB in
the control.
Then I tried to save the control data using "OLE1.SaveToFile" method to
generate a document.
It generated a document but unfortunately this document is not in the
correct MS Word format so not opening in Word.

and secondly I used Getchunk method but the result was same.

I hope you can understand my problem. I need a quick response. Thanks in
advance for help.


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