ODBC Question: System DSN unavail. to non-admin

ODBC Question: System DSN unavail. to non-admin

Post by Mike44 » Sat, 10 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I have an MS Access application running on NT 4.0 that uses ODBC to access data
in MS SQL Server 6.5 (running on NT Server 4.0).  I set up a System DSN on each
client PC so that any user may run the application and access the SQL Server
data.  My problem is that only users with administrator level security can
access the SQL Server data--for other users I had to create a User DSN that was
identical to the System DSN in order to get them access to the data in SQL
Server.  (Also, when the ODBC administrator program is run, only administrator
types can see the System DSN I set up, to other users its like the System DSN
doesn't exist.)

I talked to several people who all said that a System DSN can be used by any
person logged on the NT workstation.  But I have been forced to have every
non-admin user create a User DSN to get access to the data, despite the fact
that I set up a System DSN.  Could anyone shed some light on my problem?

(Some specifics: Clients are pentium PC's running NT 4.0.   Access 2.0 client
app with attached tables on SQL Server 6.5.  Using NT integrated security with
ODBC and SQL Server.  All users appear to have the correct security access to
the SQL Server database aside from this problem.  When the User DSN is set up
for each non-admin user, everything works fine--but its a pain to set up a user
DSN for each user on each machine.  The server is a pentium pc Proliant 1600
running NT 4.0.)

Thankyou very much for your help.

Mike M.


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I've looked through the current posts and don't see any reference to this
problem. Has anyone created a System DSN, without error, and then it does
not show up in the ODBC Admin System DSN tab?

Any ideas why??

I'm running Windows 2000 server, SQL Server 7(sp2).


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