Error 80070003

Error 80070003

Post by Oscar Avin » Fri, 06 Jul 2001 00:08:01

Does anywone knows what can be the cause of the error
80070003 while trying to invoke the Run Method of the
ActiveX Replication Object for eVB; i'm implementing a
Replication involving SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server CE in
Compaq iPaq.

Any information about this error will be great.

Thanks in advance.

- Oscar


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I have an RDA Pull with error tracking, but I get the following:

    Set rda = Nothing
    Set rda = CreateObject("SSCE.RemoteDataAccess.1.0")

    ' set properties on RDA object
    rda.LocalConnectionString =
    rda.InternetURL = ""

    rda.InternetProxyServer = "ppp_peer:81"
    rda.InternetLogin = "domain\user"
    rda.InternetPassword = "password"

rda.Pull "tblBranch", "Select * from tblBranch", "provider=sqloledb;data
source=servername;Initial Catalog=dbname;Integrated Security=SSPI;",

'I get the following:
'rdaerr.Number = 80070003
'rdaerr.nativeError = 0
'rdaerr.description = Pull

I can't find any info on this error, can anyone suggest what to do next?

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