Connecting to SQL from a client machine

Connecting to SQL from a client machine

Post by sachi » Thu, 05 Sep 2002 21:29:09

We have an SBS 2000 Server Box running SQL 2000.

I have installed onto my machine the "toolkit" so that I
can Administer the SQL 2000 Database, create Import/Export
functionalities etc...  This is good.

However...I log onto my machine as a User of a Domain.  In
SQL Server Enterprise Manager, when I expand Console
Root>Microsoft SQL Servers>SQL Server Group, then run the
Wizzard (the magic wand in the menu bar), I do not know
how to log into the SQL Server on the SBS Box!

If I log off my terminal and log on as Administrator, then
I can run the wizzard and use the NT Authorisation to
access SQL 2000 on the SBS.  How do I do it logged on as a

I have noticed that there is a "sa" user.  How can I
enable myself, as a Domain User and a Client to the SBS
Box, connect to SQL on the SBS Box?



Connecting to SQL from a client machine

Post by Gary Whitley [M » Sat, 07 Sep 2002 09:47:05

Hi Sachin,

Here are some items you need to keep in mind when configuring security for
SQL Server logins.

1.  The reason you can connect to SQL Server when you are logged into your
server as 'Administrator' is through the use of the login
BUILTIN\Administrators.  This login is provided automatically by SQL
Server.  Any user who is a member of the Administrators group on the server
is able to log into SQL Server.

2.  You can add your Windows user account to SQL Server as a login and add
your account to the System Administrator role in SQL Server.  You will need
to accomplish this while you are logged onto the server as 'Administrator'.

3.  The 'SA' user account is automatically created by SQL Server.  This
account uses SQL authentication.  I recommend you create a strong password
for the SA account as soon as possible.  You may register SQL Server using
this account in SQL Enterprise Manager.  You may connect to the server with
Query Analyzer using this account.  This account has full rights on your
server, so you should protect the password.


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