Writing a VB Generated Word document to a SQL Server Blob

Writing a VB Generated Word document to a SQL Server Blob

Post by Soni » Tue, 07 Jan 2003 12:04:29

If I'm using VB6 and am generating a word document using OLE
Automation, how do I save the entire content of my newly created (but
not saved) document to the Database blob field?

Is there a way I can get at the document buffer?

Please help!


1. Problem connecting one SQL Server server to another SQL Server server

My objective is to make a trigger that does the following:

I have two SQL Server 2k servers, A and B. On each I have a database, lets
call the one on A as X and the one on B as Y. My objective is, whenever I
insert data into table X, a trigger is fired that deletes the old data in
table Y and populates it with the same data in X. I have the SQL script and
I know how to make triggers. I've tested it with two different databases in
the same server, but I cannot do it with two different databases in two
different servers. When I try to make the trigger, I come across the
following error:

Error 18456: 'Login failed for users NT Authority\Anonymous Logon'.

To over come this, I just ran a stored procedure sp_grantlogin for NT
Authority\Anonymous Logon, and it didn't throw that error anymore. But, it
gives another error, shown below:

Error 7314: OLE DB provider [servername 'B'] does not contain table "Y". The
table either does not exist or the current user does not have permissions on
that table.

I looked it up in the MS Knowledge base and found that it has something to
do with lowercase letters and service packs. Well, I tried changing the
table name to all Upper Case, but no success.

Any suggestions????


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