FYI - removing replication

FYI - removing replication

Post by dave charlto » Sun, 24 Sep 2000 14:36:42

thought I'd share..

I had a database that thought it was being replicated, but even completely
uninstalling replication wouldn't help.
(I'm sure you've seen the issue before.)

Nonetheless, I stumbled across a stored procedure that quickly set things

    sp_removedbreplication 'dbname'


1. Removing conflict Tables after replication is removed

I have a database that gone through the ringer with replication.   Currently
the database is not replicated, but it still has all of the replication
tables in it (system tables).   From my understanding if I add merge
replication back, the system will see the existing tables and start
lettering a new set of tables


I guess I am looking at how to remove these tables cleanly or the best
method to rebuild this database.

David Gabrielson

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