Building DatawareHouse from OLTP database

Building DatawareHouse from OLTP database

Post by Akhilesh Vishwakarm » Wed, 08 Nov 2000 15:46:49


I am looking for the information on building a DataWarehouse from the OLTP

My requirements are to get the most uptodate data from the e-Commerce  OLTP
database into the DataWarehouse for analysis

I will appreciate if  I can get the informations on options available ..&
what is the best option...



1. OLTP and datawarehouse

Hi, all.

1.I can not understand some description in ORACLE documentation about
"When you design OLPT system, you must avoid excessive use of indexes
and clusters, because these structures slow down insert and update
Could somebody point out why indexes and clusters may slow down insert
and update? I am confused because indexes can improve performance.

2. Could you tell me what differences in setting an OLTP and data
warehouse? The question seems too general, but I really would like to
have some ideas.

Any answers will be appreciated.


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