Virtual sqlagent service logged in event viewer

Virtual sqlagent service logged in event viewer

Post by Steve Pha » Wed, 07 Mar 2001 06:48:39

Hi all,

Anyone that sucessfully implemented win2k cluster service along with sql 7.0
or sql 2000 clustering in either active/passive or active/active
configuration. Can you check in the application log to see if you have three
logs about the virtual sqlagent with an event id: 311, 312 and 318. Please
let me the order of steps you setup the sql clustering.




1. Three event logged in the event view About SQLAgent whenever clear the event logs or failover

Whenever I failover over a second node or clear the event log in the event
view I ended up three logs about SQLAgent; error, warning and good. One of
the event log had event ID: 318.

I had been searching on the Technet and I was not able to find out how I
would clear those errors out. As far the Virtual SQL and SQLAgent service
they worked fine.

Anyone experienced the same thing and had resolved please email the



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