ODBC 2.0, 16-bit using netware

ODBC 2.0, 16-bit using netware

Post by Tom Home » Wed, 20 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I've tried to install ODBC 2.0 on a Win NT 4.0 machine.  The install goes
find but when I try to create a SQL Server DSN I get a memory error (I hit
add in the ODBC Administrator, select the SQL Server driver, hit ok and

Does anyone know why this happens?

I've tried the same ODBC install on a Win NT 4.0 machine that uses a MS
Network without any problems.

Thanks for any replies



1. MSAccess 2.0 attach table using 16-bit ODBC

I'm using WFW3.11, MS-Office pro 4.3, 16-bit ODBC
( from Oracle) to connect to an Oracle server 7.3,
 which is running on HP-UX/10.xx using sql*net

Access 2.0 seems to have a problem, i go to attach a table from the
server, I get the login dialog, I type in the ID and passwd and Access
hangs GPF in modulle msaccess.exe.

Why ??

Thanks for your help,

Jan Van Ermengem
University of Antwerp, Belguim

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