BCP Utility

BCP Utility

Post by Ari » Thu, 18 Oct 2001 18:38:19

Can I use BCP for upending a table to a flat file?
The first rows of the file use as the header and I don't want to lose
them when I copy the table to the file. Is it possible?

BCP Utility

Post by Rand Bo » Sat, 20 Oct 2001 03:57:54


If you mean can you append a table to an existing text file the answer is
no. However, you can export to a text file and then use the copy command to
add two files together.

copy file1+file2 file3

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Is there a SQL Server function that duplicates the
functionality of the bcp command prompt utility?  I'm
trying to output a query using a format file and continue
to get syntax errors.  Is this because it is not
compatible within a stored procedure?  It works fine
through the command prompt.

The statement I'm using looks like this:
bcp "select a, b, c, d from table"
queryout "outputfile.txt" -f"formatfile.fmt"

In the stored procedure, I am setting the above statement
to a variable then calling Exec(variable).

Please Help!!  Thanks!

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