Re. problems accessing SQL Server

Re. problems accessing SQL Server

Post by RenĂ© Iffart » Wed, 13 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hi Tom,

the problem is known.
Use the updated net-driver from the NT-Server CD-ROM in the
clients\wfw\update - directory. If you have copied these files
into the windows-directory of your client everything will work fine.


Ren Iffarth


1. Re. Re. Quality of Index

Strictly speaking this is not correct!  What this will show
you is what the optimiser thought the cost was going to be
BEFORE it executed the query, not what actually happened.

And we all believe the optimiser knows best don't we ;-}

Seriously, I have had (and still have) real problems trying
to figure out eg. which is the better of two queries, whether
a query will run faster with or without a certain index, etc.
All help, advice, etc., gratefully received.

Incidentally Madison, what happens to your query on the
syssqexplain view if you do run it on a pre-7.13 engine?

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