Dropping Tables

Dropping Tables

Post by Erin Peterso » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 05:01:41

Hi all.

Quick question about dropping tables.

If I drop a table do all of the associated indices and keys get dropped with
it as well or must they be separately and explicitly deleted?

SQL Server 2K



Dropping Tables

Post by Anith Se » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 05:03:34

Yes, the keys & indexes will be dropped as well.



Dropping Tables

Post by Louis Davidso » Wed, 03 Mar 2004 11:03:54

Not foreign keys that relate into the table however, you have to drop them


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Quote:> Yes, the keys & indexes will be dropped as well.

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> Anith


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I have tried to drop a table which executes fine, but on recreating the
table (obviously slightly differently) I've found that it doesn't always
successfully drop the indexes.  The message I am getting at he moment is
as follows:

Table Corrupt: Object does not match between extent in allocation page
and Sysindexes; check the following extent: alloc pg#29184 extent#29280
object id on extent=0 (object name = 0) object id in Sysindexes;
1465108310 (object name=adr)

has anybody ever had this error?  And even if not, does anybody know
what it's asking me to do?

I would be grateful for nay help as I am at a complete loss



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