problems during installing sp3

problems during installing sp3

Post by Knut Horn » Sun, 30 Mar 2003 18:30:34

After updating to sp3 i get this problem.
Tgis is regarding to:;en-us;814572

The following error is generated in the Application log in Event Viewer:

Event ID: 17055
DESC: 17310:
FRunCm: Process 2844 gen fatal except c0000005
SQL Server is terminating the process.

But when im going to resolution:
To resolve this issue:

Note Run the following commands from the SP3 installation CD or installation
directory. In the following procedure, the installation directory is
  1.. From a command prompt, run the following command to extract files from
the cabinet self-extractor file, SQLRedis.exe, to the C:\Extract folder:
  C:\sql2ksp3\x86\other\sqlredis.exe /T:C:\Extract /C

  Note The SQLRedis.exe file is located in the \x86\Other folder in the
installation directory.
  2.. Locate the Mdac_qfe.exe file in the C:\Extract folder, and then run
the Mdac_qfe.exe file.
  3.. The Microsoft Data Access Components Hotfix Installer dialog box opens
and indicates that you are installing a hotfix. Click OK to continue with
the hotfix installation.
  4.. After you successfully install the MDAC hotfix (Mdac_qfe.exe), run SQL
Server 2000 SP3 Setup again to successfully complete the installation.
IT Does not help. The same problem occure...

any helps ut there????



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I search MS-website and did not find an answer.
Anybody has a soltution ?


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