FS SQL 2000 Reference Library

FS SQL 2000 Reference Library

Post by JR » Sat, 07 Apr 2001 05:22:29

I am selling a copy of the above.  All volumes.    No highlighting marks or
tears.  Used for two weeks.  We're going Oracle so I have no need.  Highest
bid by Midnight Sunday (MST) takes it.

$8 shipping.

$75 Minimum



1. Question about SQL 2000 Reference Library

hi, I'm a beginner in SQL server, and I wanna know whether the content of
the 'SQL 2000 Reference Library' is pull from the books online? Is it worth
to buy a set of it (if it is from books online)?  Is 'SQL 2000 resource kit'
a good book to own too?



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