"Archiving" databases

"Archiving" databases

Post by AJ » Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:41:35

I'm new to administration of database servers, and have a few questions.

We have a web-application using SQL server and an ASP-installation of this
(meaning customers log onto our servers doing their work there). The
application creates databases "on the fly" and our current server consists
of more than 3000 databases.

We're going to move our existing production server (ver 7) to a new cluster
server (ver 2000). We're thinking of doing this by restoring backups from
the old server onto the new server. I tried this on a small database (11 Mb)
and it took me app. 5 sec. Will the time used depend of the database size
(except the copy operation), or is this operation merely a "connect the
database files onto the server"? What should I expect in this regard?

We also want to implement a kind of "archiving" on databases that has not
been used for an amount of time. The databases should be easy to "restore"
back into production again.
Any tips on how this should be implemented?




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