Performance trouble, time outs

Performance trouble, time outs

Post by Didier Van Hoy » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 18:46:25


I have a SQL server 2000 setup.

When freshly booted it all works very well.  But when I work on it for 30
minutes running some small SQL scripts (very basic, nothing fancy) and I
also use the EM the trouble starts.  First the EM hangs, ... if I kill the
EM, reconnection gives time outs.  When finally I can connect I can't work
with it properly anymore (it hangs!) on the client machine.  The EM on the
server itself works at a snail pace and the kill proces command doesn't even
seem to work very well anymore ....  Also logging in takes for ever or times
out ...

This is very anoying.  I have SP1 on both server and on my workstations
client tools.  Server is W2K SERVER + SP2 and workstation is W2K PRO + SP2

The QA on the client works but perfomance drops somewhat ...

I see nothing in the logs, event viewer,




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I'm making small changes (eg changing a field size from 20 characters to 30
characters) in SQL server 7.
We have probably 10 clients connected. The table has around 5,000 records,
with no indexes on the field I'm trying to change. I've set all OBDC
timeouts to 0 (infinite).
Why does such a simple operation require me to get EVERYONE out of the
database? Obviously I also can't make any more serious changes without
booting everyone off.
I know it's M$ software and all, but surely it should work better than


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