Please help DTS header/footer

Please help DTS header/footer

Post by Fred Jon » Mon, 12 Nov 2001 00:27:00


I need advice and or code samples that explain how to use the
presource phase of a transform to write out header rows. I'm using
SQL2000.  The books (and books online) I have say that it can be done,
but don't explain how.

Thanks for any help.


1. DTS to destination text file containing headers / footers

I need a process that, on a nightly basis, queries a source SQL server's
"payment orders" table and outputs a summary of each record to a text
"posting" file, composed of records of a fixed-length or comma-delimited
(depending on client's requirements) format. This sounds like a job for DTS
to me (being a newbie to this, and perhaps a bit naive), except that these
records must be grouped by payment type, with each group surrounded by a
header and footer text line containing some summary info.   Would it be
possible to to this with the multi-phase data pump, or should I go back to
writing this in a standard VB program?  This program must be written to be
easily configurable and customizable, as we will eventually be using it for
all of our clients, each which have different requirements for the output
"posting" file.  This is why I thought DTS might be an option, as it is
easily configurable and could be written to be accessible to

Your advice would be most appreciated

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