Converting DBNUMERIC to C type variable

Converting DBNUMERIC to C type variable

Post by Harry Whitehous » Mon, 06 Apr 1998 05:00:00

Using the C DB library, I'm having a bit of a problem accessing a numeric
column.  The column has a format of 9,3.  When I access this row and bind

 DBNUMERIC descending;

// successful query
 dbbind (dbproc, 13, NUMERICBIND,  0, (BYTE *)&descending);

I don't know how to convert the result (a structure) to , say, a float or
double.  I looked at dbconvert, but that didn't seem to be what I need.

How do I go about this?




1. extended stored procedures with DBNUMERIC data type

I am trying to return a large DWORD64 value from an extended stored
procedure and cannot seem to make it work.

The following excerpt works successfully with SRVINT4 data types:

    DWORD64 dw64Number;

    wsprintf(colname, "Output");
    srv_describe(srvproc, 1, colname, SRV_NULLTERM, SRVINT4, 0, SRVINT4, 0,

    dw64Number = 2147483647;

    srv_setcoldata(srvproc, 1, &dw64Number);

BOL says "If desttype is SRVDECIMAL or SRVNUMERIC, the srcdata parameter
must be a pointer to a DBNUMERIC or DBDECIMAL structure with the precision
and scale fields of the structure already set to the values you want. You
can use DEFAULTPRECISION to specify a default precision, and DEFAULTSCALE to
specify a default scale."

On that note, I tried the following.

    DWORD64 dw64Number;
    DBNUMERIC dbNumeric;

    dbNumeric.precision = 38;
    dbNumeric.scale = 0;

    wsprintf(colname, "Output");
    srv_describe(srvproc, 1, colname, SRV_NULLTERM, SRVNUMERIC, 0,
SRVNUMERIC, 0, &dbNumeric);

    dw64Number = 14757395258967641292;

    srv_setcoldata(srvproc, 1, &dw64Number);

I'm missing something as I get 0 rows returned.

What am I doing wrong?  Can someone show me the correct way of returning a
value like 14757395258967641292 from an extended stored procedure?

Thanks in advance,


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