Accessing SQL 7.0 Server from behind a Proxy

Accessing SQL 7.0 Server from behind a Proxy

Post by n. » Sat, 29 Mar 2003 19:02:19

Can someone point me in the right diretion on how to setup/configure a SQL
7.0 Server so that I can access it from behind a proxy server. It may be a
setting on the proxy server itself, not sure. Need some guidence.

1. Problem connecting an oracle client behind Wingate proxy server to an oracle server not behind proxy

I have installed an oracle client (Forms Runtime) behind Wingate proxy
server. When I tried to connect to the server that is not behind any
proxy server I couldnt reach preferable IP (server IP). Somehow I
cant connect to destination IP.

I put in tnsnames.ora the following lines:


Client machine can connect to Internet while surfing over the Internet
with Internet Explorer but only via proxy server. Is there anything I
should put that client will first connect to proxy and to server:

Network 1 (CLIENT->PROXY)------->Netvork 2 (SERVER)

Any help is appreciated, Boris

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