backup, SQL 7.0 servers, BSOD, BLOCKSIZE etc - solution

backup, SQL 7.0 servers, BSOD, BLOCKSIZE etc - solution

Post by Tomasz Kopa » Sat, 08 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Few deys ago, I post a message about BLOCKSIZE=2048 (in backup
command) and* the server. When I set up BLOCKSIZE=512, backup
work correctly.

Error was probably inside UDMA33 drivers on test server (it was
probably HP drivers, which allow to access to EIDE hard disks grater
than 8GB)
After removing those drivers backup work always correctly.

Exactly description of the drivers, and short info about hardware:
HP Kayak XV-03xx, 2.05 Production release 2.05, date=12-7-98
Hard disk Fujitsu 10,2 GB + Caviar 3.2 GB
MotherBoard ASUS P2B + PII 266
Maybe it will help to someone else....
Tomasz Kopacz


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