RDA Pull error

RDA Pull error

Post by Brad Syputa - M » Fri, 06 Dec 2002 03:31:22

As this is a Non-Tracked table, you can add RI. Use Alter Table which is
described in the SQLCE Books On Line.


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Quote:> Ok! I disabled the tracking options! How can I set after
> the operation is completed the primary keys for the new
> table created?
> Thanks!

> >-----Original Message-----
> >Hello,

> >I'm trying to use pull using this select command:

> >select a.ID_Questionario,
> >from Q_Anagrafica_Questionari as a
> >INNER JOIN  Q_Associazioni_Operatore_Questionario as b
> >ON (a.ID_Questionario = b.ID_Questionario)
> >where b.ID_Operatore='001'

> >and I get the error "29032" which means:
> >"The query cannot be tracked because it is a multi-table
> >query."

> >Is there a possibility to make it work? I want to pull
> >only the data that I need!

> >Thanks!
> >.