SQL Server time outs

SQL Server time outs

Post by Kaushal Sha » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 10:48:25


My name is Kaushal,

I have a strange problem going on with my SQL server.

I have a stored procedure as described below.

Now the real problem is : When I run my application on my
local machine or on on local network, I do not have a
failure message (I delete some folders) even I delete big
folder having 100 sub folders and files of 20Mb.

But If I run the same operation on Internet (production
web site) with a folder having only a single sub-folder
and few Kb files, it fails. Again, It does not fail with
1Mb of files and not have a sub-folder, it failes only it
has a sub-folder.

Can anybody tell me what could be a situation here?

The SP is:

CREATE proc DeleteFileAllRevsInternal


--BEGIN TRAN tranDeleteFileAllRevsInternal

-- Get the storage path and prepend it to the server file

        raiserror(60017, 1,1) with seterror     --we need
a better error code


-- does anyone have it checked out already?

        from FILES

-- If it's checked out, policy is to NOT delete ANY
revisions, and raise
-- an error so DeleteFolder will NOT delete the parent

        raiserror(60002, 1,1) with seterror     --already


-- get the total filesize of all revisions

        from FILE_REVISIONS

-- Loop over FILE_REVISIONS to delete them physically
from the server...

declare FileCursor cursor
for select ServerPath
                from FILE_REVISIONS

open FileCursor

--      Delete the file physically on the server.


close FileCursor
deallocate FileCursor

        where RevisionID in
        (select FILE_AUDITS.RevisionID from FILE_AUDITS,

        and FILE_AUDITS.RevisionID =

-- Delete all FILE_REVISIONS records

-- Reduce USERS storage by the total deleted amount

exec UpdateStorageUsed

-- delete the FILES record also
delete FILES

COMMIT TRAN tranDeleteFileAllRevsInternal

return 0


SQL Server time outs

Post by Trevor Benedict » Wed, 20 Nov 2002 16:41:37

If I read it correct, you are trying this on a Production WEB SITE. The
resources could be locked by IIS. IF you suspect this is the case then try
to unload the IIS Process that is holding the locks and then try again.

Best Regards,

Trevor Benedict R
Microsoft Certified Professional


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Any ideas what can be changed , or possible fixes for this.


Bogdan Fiedur

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