Financial reporting star schema

Financial reporting star schema

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We are about to embark on modeling a financial reporting star schema (P&L,
B/S). I would greatly appreciate any pointers to web sites / books on the

Some of the requirements we need to satisfy include :

1. Time Series analysis - the ability to view MTD, QTD, YTD (as well as
PYTD - Prior YTD)
2. The ability to drill down from a GL account balance to the Journal
Entries that helped arrive at that balance
3. A wishlist item - The ability to drill down from the GL to the respective
AR/AP transactions

Any help greatly appreciated.

BTW, is there any vendor independent data warehousing forum out there ?



1. Star Schema's in the Financial Industry

Star Schema's are not popular in Wall Street for one reason and one  
reason only: politics.  There are many applications that would be
great for a Star Schema. Agency Pool Factor Database, Equity/Bond
pricing database and MBS Collateral DB.

Having worked in two Investment banks and now working for a Fixed
Income Analytics Firm, these applications work and work with suprising
quickness.  I've amazed my clients with results that took them days
and took me minutes.

The preception of Batch Loads and locking tables goes against the
mentality of "I Need it Immediatly".  As it turns out, timely is WAY
more important than Immediatly.  With traders demanding information,
no thought is put to orginizing or analyzing.

I've written 3 financial databases using Red Brick and Star Schema to
great success.
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