SQL server 7 agent mail / SQL mail setup questions

SQL server 7 agent mail / SQL mail setup questions

Post by Paul » Sun, 04 Feb 2001 15:26:55

Hi folks.

Does anyone have knowledge or experience (or even success) with setup
of sql agent mail or sql mail?

 I'm running NT 4.0 server (sp6) with SQL server 7 (sp1) .

Microsoft says you have to create an NT account plus a mail profile
(with the same name) along with starting/running the SQL server
service and QL agent under this account.  From within the agent
properties,  you identify the profile you set up on the NT side. -
Same for the sql mail property..

Ok... So now outside of SQL server this is where I'm kind of lost on
what has to be present and what has to happen.   Though vague,
I figured out that you need 'windows messaging' and 'mail' installed
on the NT side before you can set up a profile that SQL server
could 'See'   -<  got this far > -  

The third piece to this is to have some kind of mail client/MAPI so as
SQL server can pass out internally generated mail whether from the
agent or sql mail...  (outlook express gets installed upon setting up
NT out-of-box)  But I gather from the books (vague or a page at most)
you need Exchange Server  running + an external POP3 account
to make this thing work.

Could anybody confirm or deny this? We are a Novell/Groupwise
shop. No one's running an exchange server. Must I buy a copy
of exchange server just to send  mail from sql server - or is there
another way...?

Anyone's help or experiences would be much appreciated.

Thx, Paul S.


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SQL Mail is used by the SQL Server service - configured from
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you do things like xp_sendmail.
SQL Agent Mail is used by the SQL Server Agent service -
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used for sending out email job failure notifications, alert
email notifications.  


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